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Posted by softestpawn on December 20, 2008

“Pablo’s Guide To Estimation” and “Pablo’s Guide to Plain English” were, along with the can-do attitudes of the people I met at logica’s space division, the reasons I became a logibod.

My first ‘proper’ salaried job was with logica’s space division,  back in 1997.    It was only supposed to be for a couple of years, to raise enough money to re-start a business in Africa.

Instead it destroyed my prejudice that all sizeable companies were stereotyped uncaring corporations, bound only by red tape and process.  I was assimilated. I became a logibod.  But the space division left me for the Surrey countryside, where I was not willing to go.

Recently I went looking for “Pablo’s Guide to Estimation”, sure that the Internet Would Know of a quite famous semi-official document spread widely in a fairly significant software house.

But instead of providing a leaked copy, the internet tells me that the author was a Paul Coombs, and that he died last year of cancer.

I’ve bought the book derived from his in-house guide to estimating and it has all the good things I remember, including a chapter on “estimidation”, and a number of “Blindingly Obvious Rules of Estimation”. One of these being the frank, surprisingly useful and blindingly obvious “Your estimate will be wrong”.

Hopefully now this page will tie them together; when future ex-logibods go looking for it, they will find this and so the book. Glory to the Search Engine.

(The book is suitable for beginners and intermediate estimators, and is a lighthearted, plain and useful guide to predicting the cost of developing software. It includes not just estimations but reviews, templates, tips to aid, traps to avoid).


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