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Hadley Cherry Pick

Posted by softestpawn on January 15, 2009

Not entirely sure what to make of this. The UK Met Office’s Hadley Centre, about to be forced to plot 0.313 as the annual temperature for 2008, rearranged their site and posted several pages on why this doesn’t mean global warming has stopped. Which is all fair enough; we can expect temporary anomalies to a trend.

What’s more interesting is the reluctance to just post the values along with the previous ones.  They’ve not included it on the standard chart though it’s labelled up to 2008.


Where it is, it is only ‘provisional’.

So apparently, it’s fine to publish values as long as they fit but as soon as the facts contradict a simplistic view, it’s best to smother it rather than just explain it.

Worse, they freely admit that they were happy to run smoothing that showed false rises in March 2007, but are suddenly reluctant to use the same when it shows a drop. Apparently it’s fine to be misleading if some people need convincing, but it’s wrong to be misleading if some people… need convincing.

Cherry picking interpretation methods to fit a theory is no better than cherry picking your data.  But they do still publish the data.


4 Responses to “Hadley Cherry Pick”

  1. Sleepalot said

    Re: “they do still publish the data”

    (I’d call them statistics.)
    Why are there 11 columns in the tables?

  2. Sleepalot said

    Oh,I see. Thanks. (Out of my depth. 😦

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